How To Attract New Staff

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain new staff amid the so-called ‘great resignation’.

With thousands of people looking to up their salary so they can better manage the cost of living crisis, it can make finding the right person a challenge in and of itself.

But as an employer, there are a few ways to draw in prospective team members and make yourself stand out against the competition. Here are some things to consider.

Competitive compensation

One of the main criteria job hunters look for is a decent salary. With the cost of living rising, it’s important to have a wage that reflects that. Otherwise, people might go elsewhere for higher pay, even if you offer a better employee experience all round.

If you want skilled workers, you must be especially prepared to pay more to attract them to the role.

A decent wage packet isn’t the only compensation people will look for. If you have a strong workplace pension scheme, you’ll likely bring in people who will want to work on a longer-term basis, so it’s worth their commitment.

The same goes for holiday allowances. While most places offer a standard of 28 working days, you could always consider allowing employees to buy or sell a day every now and then. This promotes flexibility and will be invaluable to your team as well as yourself.

While you may not offer it to every staff member, you can introduce a bonus scheme. You can reward your selected members with a cash bonus for hitting targets or even stocks and shares in your company. Such a policy not only puts extra cash in your employees’ pockets, but lets them know they’re valued for their hard work.

Development opportunities

It’s important to nurture progression in your staff. While only a few positions are available, you should encourage personal development. Not only is it rewarding for the employee, but it’s much easier to hire in-house when you have suitable candidates.

You can do this by offering training courses or a mentorship programme. Not only does development give your team a goal to strive towards, but it also means they’re more likely to stay with you for longer to improve their employability

Benefits packages

Similar to a bonus scheme, extra perks at is an attractive prospect for a lot of candidates.

Many companies offer a range of benefits that boost morale and keep your staff motivated and healthy in the workplace. Simple things like a monthly free lunch and drinks, an annual team getaway and Christmas party can go a long way.

You could consider starting a Bupa cash plan, allowing your team to reclaim some money on select health services. This promotes an inclusive and caring work environment which your team will value.

Looking into opportunities to offer benefits in kind (BIK) can be another great way to attract staff. Company cars can be leased to employees for business purposes and, in this case, can have some of the cost reclaimed through HMRC.

Gym memberships, cycle-to-work schemes and mental health wellbeing days are also great examples of benefits that people would be quick to take.

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How to attract new staff

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