Workplace pensions

Systematic Auto Enrolment Services (SAE) is the sister company to Fairmans, and is a specialist company designed to give pensions the focus they need.

Workplace pensions

What we do

We’ll assist you in setting up these schemes, completing the declaration of compliance, and then taking over the day-to-day administration from you.

Workplace pensions

Pension compliance

SAE assists all types of businesses ensuring they are compliant with workplace pension legislation.

The Government introduced workplace pensions to encourage employees to save for their future retirement. They’ve insisted that every employer with at least one member of staff has a duty to set up a suitable scheme for all eligible employees.

Contributions to the pension fund come from three sources:

The employee

Monthly contributions from your employee’s normal payslip.

The employer

Monthly contributions from your monthly turnover.

The government

HMRC will contribute a percentage to the pension fund.

Failure by employers to set up an appropriate scheme will lead to having fines being levied by the Pension Regulator.

Leave it to the specialists 

Leave it all to us as specialists to help alleviate pressure on your business.

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Workplace pensions

Pension services for employers

The team at SAE is ready to meet your workplace pension scheme requirements.

An employer is required to keep records of all data involved with the scheme including contributions made. They’re required by law to ensure that all eligible workers are enrolled in an appropriate pension scheme at the correct time.

We can provide you:


Setting up your workplace pension scheme so that it complies with all the requirements of the Pension Regulator and, more importantly, to offer ongoing service.


We’ll keep you informed and in control of your pensions – if you’re struggling then don’t worry. We’re on hand to help.

Workplace pensions

Information for employers

Contributions are made by each employee, the employer, and also the Government.

An employee can opt out of the scheme, but that means losing out on the employer and Government contributions which is equivalent to refusing a tax-free salary increase of 4%.

Every employer has to automatically enroll employees into a workplace pension who:

  • Are not currently in a scheme
  • Whose age is between 22 and state retirement age
  • Whose gross earnings exceed £10,000 per year
  • Who works in the U.K


Jayne contributes £40, her employee contributes £30 and the Government gives £10 tax relief so that a total of £80 is paid into Jayne’s pension.

Workplace pensions

Cost for employers

The current minimum contributions to be paid into these workplace pension schemes are as follows:


As an employer you pay


Your employees pay


Total minimum contribution

These contributions are based on gross earnings which include salary and wages and can include commission, bonuses, and any other item so long as it is clearly specified by the employer.

Workplace pensions

Why choose us

Based in Lancashire, we offer specialist support and guidance on all aspects of workplace pensions.


We’re proud of who we are, and the support we offer. It’s not just about making money – it’s about securing people’s futures.


We’re always on hand to support you, no matter what you need. We’ve got skills and tools to make sure you’re not stressed.

Trouble free

Don’t feel constrained by the classic ideas surrounding pensions. We’ll be here to make it all make sense.


We’ve got a wealth of knowledge in this sector, so we’d call ourselves experts. You’ll get the finest advice possible.


We make things easy to understand and without any stress. You won’t feel confused at any stage of the procedure.

Client portal

All of the work we do will be accessible to you in one portal. Then you know what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

Workplace pensions

Meet the team

With years of experience working with employers to set up and run their auto-enrolment pension schemes, our team is on hand to answer any question you have.

Workplace pensions

True potential

We have forged a connection with True Potential LLP who provide not only a seamless administration system for us to administer these schemes with but also access to their award-winning software. This provides added benefits to each employee in each scheme we administer.

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